There are a huge number of theories and models in the literature that can guide the action of a teacher, trainer or instructional designer. There is (nor could there be) a theory, a model, an experimental outcome better than the others; each of them offers an added value in its own area of expertise that is worthy and lawful like all the others (provided of course that it is scientifically validated).

Below, some lists are proposed with links and reference sources.

This is a selection of contributions made in full awareness that for each author listed there will necessarily be another one that has been omitted and for which the attentive reader will demand immediate inclusion But the literature is boundless and any selection suffers from the subjective and personal character of the criteria that guided its realization. The important thing is to specify them at the appropriate time.

3. List made by Brenda Mergel (1998)

4. Learning Theories in Plain English  (2017) 

Summaries of learning theories and models for educational
psychology, cognitive science, human-computer interaction,
instructional design, and other related fields